Why Apple's Accessibility? A followup to "How Apple Saved My Life"

This past weekend I dropped my new short film on my YouTube channel. It's a documentary styled tribute to a brand that has positively affected my life, that being Apple. I can still be critical of Apple as a company, brand, and product at times, but in my experience Apple has done more to impress, than to disappoint. Though the comments on my short film have been surprisingly all positive thus far, there were a few outsiders on my other social media accounts going on the offense and attacking Apple's over their biases just because they haven't shared the same experience as I've had. 

I wouldn't consider myself an Apple "fanboy" I use a lot of different products from different companies but in terms of core software, and operating systems, Apple supports my needs and offers the most comfortable user-interface for me. Just because I use the Zoom function of Mac OS X, doesn't mean the one on Windows is any worse, it just means I had a different experience with it and I prefer one over the other.

As other operating systems' support for accessibility have improved outside of the Apple ecosystem, I'm still open to the idea of learning Microsoft, or Google's newer endeavors in the realm of aiding those of us who have special needs. However, it was really the timing of when I started using Apple's products that made me grow more attached to them. I was 14-years-old and this was back when Windows had awful support in Vista for accessibility. Once I went Mac I wasn't interested in investing money into a PC. I also had an Android phone around this time. It was a flagship Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate on Verizon (1st generation Galaxy S) and though for the time it was a pretty phone with decent hardware, the software was another story. 

To sum it up quickly it was running Samsung's custom skin on top of Android and caused it to be very buggy. I'd have random crashes way too often, once I got completely locked out of my phone and had to replace the entire device, and I even had a bug that would randomly send images from my Photo Gallery to contacts on my phone... all completely at random. Someone I wouldn't even be in a current conversation with could've randomly received a photo of my dog, or my ski trip, while I was asleep with my phone 'locked'. It was insane, and quite dangerous if I had anything private on my device. I use my phone to scan documents that I need to enlarge in order to see.. imagine if I had credit card information on there and it randomly sent that photo to a random contact (Bob from my first high school who I haven't spoken to since that one detention in 8th grade) who was added to my phone through the Facebook app. That's scary, and to this day I don't think an update was ever pushed out to my phone to fix that.

Needless to say, I hope Android is much more stable these days and Samsung is doing a better job at addressing bugs in their phone's OS. But there is a reason why I've switched to Apple's more secure closed operating systems, convenience, support, creativity, and accessibility. I support Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc. however I just happen to give more credit to one specifically because it's had a larger impact on my life in more areas than the others. 

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