It's been a little while since this site had been updated. I previously branded my most cherished content under "Blue Eyeris Media" but that is changing. What was once is the new Rath.LA (or JamesRath.LA) portifolio/blog. This is now a home for my work, updates, and to get in contact with me. Blue Eyeris Media is fading away in the meantime, it will become a future project when the time is right. I'm now more than ever focused on myself, my content, and the stories I want to share. The format of my content has drastically shifted in the last 2 years that it's time to acknowledge and evolve with my content. I've become more passionate towards topics such as disabilities, accessibility, and mental health. Though I'll continue making scripted short films, many of them may involve around topics such as disabilities and mental health. I have a lot of projects planned this year. I'm currently in the process of getting such projects funded so they may happen a little later than I had originally anticipated but I will continue to create weekly content in the meantime on the topics mentioned above. 

It's 2016, I don't believe this is the year where my whole life will change or I'll finally be comfortable with where I'm at but I strongly believe this is the year that will elevate me and my work. 

-James Rath