A Steady Direction

As a content creator, my thoughts tend to juggle on the sort of content I want to create. I've recently had a much more steady track record of doing more cinematic narratives, short films, documentaries, amongst other genres. I feel as if previously I wasn't reaching a quality standard I set for myself when making videos. As of April 2014, I feel confident in the videos I've produced besides a few vlogs, and generic challenge/tag videos. When I moved to California in the Summer of 2014, I had limited resources and planned out content which led me to making unconventional sorts of videos on my YouTube channel. Blue Eyeris Media is not only a reminder, but a consistent project that would limit me from producing regrettable content.

Blue Eyeris Media is about creating something different that would capture the viewer's attention, whether it be the impact of the message, development of characters, or unique cinematography. Blue Eyeris is going to act as a home for stories worth telling and people worth remembering. As this project develops, you may meet new faces that could become regulars. I hope to expand this project into something I can focus on full-time. 

For the past 10 months, I've been working a part time job living back at home in Pennsylvania with my family. On the contrary, I'm moving back to Southern California permanently to pursue filmmaking and new media this Summer. Being able to have access to 24/7 transportation through buses, subways, trains, and my personal favorite, Uber, I'll be able to better scout locations, shoot, and collaborate with new partners. A lot is in store for myself and this project and I hope you stick around and be a part of the innovative content to come.


James RathComment