James Rath doing the cinematography for the short film "Exploration" -photography by Emily Patten

From left to right - Timothy Delaghetto, Ryan Higa, Victor Kim, Lexi (James' friend), D-trix, James Rath, Andrew Garcia, Chester See, Andrew Aquino.

James Rath is an independent, legally blind, filmmaker. Since 2004, James has expressed an interest in visual storytelling through motion pictures. Though he was born with Ocular Albinism and Nystagmus, defining his eyes as incurably legally blind, it has not stopped him in pursuing his passion of cinematically sharing impactful fiction or real stories. In 2006, James discovered YouTube at the young age of 10, it was a free platform that gave anyone in the world a voice online through the means of video. Since then, James has experimented with numerous genres, projects, and short films to craft his skills and knowledge. Filmmaking became not only a way to cope with being visually disabled, but a cure to share his creative vision with the world. 


  • CEO of Apple Inc., Tim Cook, shared, thanked, and tweeted out a short film of James', about technology and accessibility.
  • James was featured on CNN Money.
  • James was featured on Huffington Post.
  • James was featured on Ashton Kutcher's website Aplus.
  • James' work has been recognized by YouTube sensations Ryan Higa, D-Trix, Chester See, Andrew Garcia, JR Aquino, and Victor Kim.   
  • James Rath entered a short films into the ACSI Fine Arts Festival for two years running, Blue Iris, and Parallel scored 36/40, and 38/40 "Superior" awards respectively by the Judges.
  • A PSA short film created by James Rath was recognized and awarded by AAA.